"Drei Schwestern"

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Foundation of companies

Structuring, foundation and administration of Liechtenstein and non-domestic companies and asset holders
The Liechtenstein Persons and Companies Act (Personen- und Gesellschaftsrecht – "PGR") and the Trust Enterprise Act (Gesetz über das Treuunternehmen) establish a liberal, flexible statutory framework that is characterised by the spirit of entrepreneurial freedom and facilitates various company forms and asset holders; the trust (Treuhänderschaft) as well as the trust enterprise (Treuunternehmen/Geschäftstreuhand) are also enshrined in law. 

Company forms and asset holders

While the stock corporation is an ideal vehicle for commercial activities, foundations are established to pursue common-benefit objectives, holding foundations (succession arrangements for companies) or as family foundations (estate planning, protection of family assets). The Liechtenstein trust can pursue similar purposes. This is closely based on the English model.

  • Liechtenstein foundation
  • Liechtenstein trust
  • Liechtenstein establishment
  • Liechtenstein stock corporation
  • We are able to offer our wide-ranging network of international jurisdictions to found and administer non-domestic companies, foundations or trusts.